Cause for Caution or Concern?

“Don’t worry about where this bit is going because this bit was reviewed in the London Evening Standard as being tediously politically correct.” – Stewart Lee Same applies. Don’t worry about whether this article is going to be too harsh or too positive because it is, I assure you, going to be tediously balanced andContinue reading “Cause for Caution or Concern?”

A Contextualisation & Critiquing of Crawford’s Contribution

Ali Crawford has six assists in all competitions this season. His four league assists puts him joint third in the league for that stat. It isn’t a groundbreaking record but the fact we have only just reached December makes it really good at the very least. If it wasn’t for Alex Baptiste’s brace of assistsContinue reading “A Contextualisation & Critiquing of Crawford’s Contribution”

The Resurgent Recovery of Santos & Sarce

Bank Top Tap, Astley Bridge, Bolton: 18.24… @bwfc123411: He should be dropped, though. If me and you played like he has then Oxford Grove would drop us, let alone Bolton. Holker Street, Parkside, Barrow: 20.59… @OfficialBWFC: All over in Cumbria. A late strike from the skipper earns Ian Evatt’s men a point on the road.Continue reading “The Resurgent Recovery of Santos & Sarce”

The English Disease

Last month England were fortunate to beat the number one ranked team in the world. They were slaughtered for their performance. This month England were unfortunate to not beat the number one ranked team in the world. They were slaughtered for their performance.  ESPN journalist and generally astute analyst Julien Laurens criticised the 2-1 victoryContinue reading “The English Disease”

“An Hour Ago, You Were The Man of Mystery…”

“They seek him here, they seek him there, those policeman they seek him everwhere. Is he in Heaven? Or is he in Hell? That damned, elusive… sha-a-a-a-dow.” The mystery and lack of media publicity that surrounds Tobias Phoenix is intentional. His one interview since his appointment, with Marc Iles in The Bolton News, explicitly statesContinue reading ““An Hour Ago, You Were The Man of Mystery…””

A Pompous Article of ‘Leftie Drivel’ and ‘Snowflake’ Propaganda

This glorious football club won last night. Therefore this article, whilst attempting to perpetuate some balance, will be perceived as ill-timed – and… it probably is, to be fair. It is about a delicate topic and, as many of you think or many people will tell you, football is not delicate. It is a “man’sContinue reading “A Pompous Article of ‘Leftie Drivel’ and ‘Snowflake’ Propaganda”

Bye Bye Badman

Project Big Picture: the end-game of football’s greed or the required rejuvenation to prevent football’s bleak future? Truth is; it’s both… and yet, it’s neither.  The rest of the Premier League sign away their equal power and equal rights to the “Big 6”. The EFL is guaranteed a sustainable and viable existence in exchange forContinue reading “Bye Bye Badman”

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Summer has come and passed and I hope the tenuous link between Bolton’s start to the season and a eulogy to someone’s dead father leads to you all having that song stuck in your head. For some reason, Bolton Wanderers have always struggled in the month of September. In Bruce Rioch’s first season, the startContinue reading “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle Yes, the use of a quote from a Greek philosopher with the intention of relating it to a preview of Bolton’s League Two campaign is both needlessly pretentious and, at best, incredibly tenuous.  There are understandable reasons to rail against the idea of being patient.Continue reading “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”