The pros, cons and basic practicalities of the concept of modernity can be debated and challenged but the fundamental principles are relatively simple; the demand for change is constant. It can be slow or fast but, generally, the need to evolve is essential. Football cannot and does not escape the concept. Tactics, positions, the ideaContinue reading “A FONDNESS FOR FAMILIARITY”

Both Things Can Be True

It was roughly half seven and it lasted for about, roughly, five or so minutes. Bolton Wanderers slipped to 20th in League Two. The sentence itself is crazy to be actual words on an actual screen. The previous sentence itself is crazy because of its repetition; bewilderment at Bolton’s current status and stature has becomeContinue reading “Both Things Can Be True”

Express Your Emotion

Throughout the last decade, Bolton Wanderers had continued to exist on the brink. ‘The brink’ almost seems too much of an understatement; the club, and therefore large parts of our town’s pride and culture, had already began a free-fall into obscurity and irrelevance but, more importantly, extinction. A celebration of its survival and continued existenceContinue reading “Express Your Emotion”

Easy as 4-3-3

Barrowcelona – a mildly amusing term to try and describe the style and quality of play at Ian Evatt’s Barrow. Something that hasn’t been replicated at Bolton whatsoever. It should mean fluidity, verve and attacking intent; we’ve witnessed an over-complication of an, admittedly, fairly complex system: slow, confused and lacking any thrust. Aside from 105Continue reading “Easy as 4-3-3”

From Head Coach to Manager: Does it Matter?

Tobias Phoenix left his role as Wanderers’ Head of Football last week. Ian Evatt was promoted to manager this week. These were developments that were surprising and, to a few fans, a bit confusing. Phoenix’s role as Head of Football could not be made any clearer than his title. He was the head of allContinue reading “From Head Coach to Manager: Does it Matter?”

Cause for Caution or Concern?

“Don’t worry about where this bit is going because this bit was reviewed in the London Evening Standard as being tediously politically correct.” – Stewart Lee Same applies. Don’t worry about whether this article is going to be too harsh or too positive because it is, I assure you, going to be tediously balanced andContinue reading “Cause for Caution or Concern?”

A Contextualisation & Critiquing of Crawford’s Contribution

Ali Crawford has six assists in all competitions this season. His four league assists puts him joint third in the league for that stat. It isn’t a groundbreaking record but the fact we have only just reached December makes it really good at the very least. If it wasn’t for Alex Baptiste’s brace of assistsContinue reading “A Contextualisation & Critiquing of Crawford’s Contribution”

The Resurgent Recovery of Santos & Sarce

Bank Top Tap, Astley Bridge, Bolton: 18.24… @bwfc123411: He should be dropped, though. If me and you played like he has then Oxford Grove would drop us, let alone Bolton. Holker Street, Parkside, Barrow: 20.59… @OfficialBWFC: All over in Cumbria. A late strike from the skipper earns Ian Evatt’s men a point on the road.Continue reading “The Resurgent Recovery of Santos & Sarce”

The English Disease

Last month England were fortunate to beat the number one ranked team in the world. They were slaughtered for their performance. This month England were unfortunate to not beat the number one ranked team in the world. They were slaughtered for their performance.  ESPN journalist and generally astute analyst Julien Laurens criticised the 2-1 victoryContinue reading “The English Disease”