Myth of the Poacher

Nearly every EFL team believes they’ll gain promotion once they’ve found that missing piece: the prolific goal scorer. Yet, many fellow League One and League Two supporters’ criticise Bolton’s signing of Eoin Doyle as being based on “one good season” and it being “too risky” because he’s shown that perhaps we “don’t know what we’llContinue reading “Myth of the Poacher”

The Evolution of Evattism

In a Tifo podcast entitled Barrowcelona, Ian Evatt suggested his style of play and his intent was based on and influenced by playing under Ian Holloway at Blackpool. That Blackpool team was, bluntly, fun. A gung-ho, let’s see who scores more approach that led them to the Premier League where they continued that style onlyContinue reading “The Evolution of Evattism”

The Floor & The Ceiling

Moneyball is the term that is often used to describe a sports team using in-depth statistical data for their recruitment strategy. This has led to the diminished requirement for the scouting “eye-test”, however, that is still a tool that is utilised. In the summer of 2016, Bolton Wanderers signed 11 players. 4 of the 11Continue reading “The Floor & The Ceiling”

This Is Only The Beginning

It’s a gloomy Autumn afternoon. The smell and sound of on-pitch fireworks overwhelm the young, excite the bulk and irritate the old. 633 Squadron cuts through the mist as the cult-hero boy-to-man leader thumps a mascot’s ball to the corner where North meets East. This is it: the glory days. A decade of perpetual chaosContinue reading “This Is Only The Beginning”